Bbw amateurs tool tortured

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Amateur Bdsm Video of Sophie

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Sophies extreme amateur bdsm and tit torture by her lesbian mistress with needle pain and foot fetish punishments. Lezdom Sophies Extreme Amateur BDSM of mature blonde european slavegirl in hotwaxing torments and play pierced nipple torments. amateur bdsm video of sophie Mature slavegirl Sophie from Belgium submits to her merciless mistress for a session of intense needle torments in her nipples and feet punished hot waxing agony. Genuine amateurs in extreme lesbian bdsm and needle pain with mature european slavegirl Sophie in torments.

Slaves Having Slaves?

Posted On Tuesday, March 20th, 2012 By H0les_23

Slaves having slaves. Would you allow your slave (girl) to take on a slave or slavegirl of her own? Semantics apart, what you are describing seems more like taking a second sub into your home with you as Alpha and sometime top of said newcomer. That would be fine with me if the Alpha sub is capable of switching without ‘turning off’ her submission. In the past i’ve found this to be a problem, since many switches have either a topspace or subspace attitude, at any given time. But if it works within the dynamic why not?


Tormented in “The Chair”

Posted On Friday, February 17th, 2012 By H0les_23

I’m siting here incredibly turned on by what I just watched! And trust me, that doesn’t happen often, but this movie from ShadowSlaves just has too many of my kinks and curiosities all wrapped up in it. Wait, what am I saying, there can never be too much can there!? With suction cups covering her little titties and hungry cunt, English Slaveslut Wynter soon realizes she needs to be thankful for the air she breathes when her Master deprives her of the luxury, forcing her to gasp for each breath she is allowed while he torments the many mounds of flesh caught in the tight pressure he’s created on her most vulnerable parts. He painfully slides and pulls on the suction-cups, still controlling her breath while sadistically removing all but one. That one he places to suck hard on to her most sensitive clit. He pries her mouth open with a dental gag to torment her tongue with clamps and goes to work penetrating her breasts and pussy with several needles, binding her tits to her mouth by the piercings while she whimpers and trembles with the vibrating pleasures stuffed up her cunt. I gotta say she’s quite a trooper! […]


Cold Lesbian Machine Fuck

Posted On Thursday, May 26th, 2011 By H0les_23

If you doubt the authenticity of The Pain File’s then you obviously haven’t seen enough! I love that when working with their content I see scene after scene of REAL BD/SM with REAL girls, not just a collection of fake airbrushed bimbos pretending to be into domination and submission with fluffy props for a paycheck. No offense, please, we can all appreciate a nice set of fake tits, but this stuff is the real deal….doctored up knockers or not.  We aren’t dealing with a makeup crew and actresses smacking on gum in their dress up room while rehearsing their dumb lines.  THANK YOU to The Pain Files for not being fake! Now that I got that off my chest (ahem, excuse me LOL) Lets have a bit of Lesbian action shall we? Awe, look at the cute little idiot with clothespins on her face! Josephine is eager to torment this cute blonde slave girl at her disposal. She strips her naked while flogging her before treating her the the assortment of clothespins she has for this anguished slavesluts tits and mouth. The real fun begins after her tender nipples are painfully clamped and pulled on though. Josephine gets the rope […]


Fun In The Sun

Posted On Sunday, April 17th, 2011 By H0les_23

I think it’s safe to say that everyone is ready for summer! Just a light treat here to help with the anticipation of  the hot sun, cool sand and beaches! Fun in the sun is always a treat at Shadowslaves. Slavegirls Nimue and Pixie enjoy a naked romp in the surf before the tide turns on Pixie who finds herself bound on her stomach as the waves come in threatening to carry her away but burying her deeper into the sand with every gush. Here’s to fun in the sun!


Cheeky Public Masturbation

Posted On Friday, January 7th, 2011 By H0les_23

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any content from the sites here. I recently did some work with the movie “Cheeky” from The UK Flashers and enjoyed it so much I made a clip while I was at it to share with you here. The movie stars Emma Louise who starts out her lustful trip through the streets of Chelmsford without wasting anytime. You know piss runs all down her legs when she is interrupted mid stream by passers by, but she doesn’t seem to mind that at all, in fact, I got a chuckle out of how she appears to just nonchalantly wipe herself when she’s done with her hand, then rubs it on her legs before brushing her hair from her face with her piss hand.  She loves showing off her pretty new tits and hairy cunt despite there being joggers in the park. She gets heated up by masturbating with a purple bunny, rubbing it on her cunt in anticipation of the huge dildo she brought with her for the occasion. I was shocked by the massive size of it and had to laugh when I heard Magick exclaim that “that’s an impressive thing!”… it truly […]


Femdom Deluxe @ The Manchester Dungeon

Posted On Thursday, December 30th, 2010 By H0les_23

I don’t usually post things like this, but it’s such an awesome event I couldn’t help but share, PLUS if you can make it there, you have a chance at winning a free month of Shadow Slaves or The Pain Files, amongst a gorgeous array of other very cool prizes! Femdom Deluxe is a one time event raising money for two very good causes,  CAAN (Consenting Adult Action Organization)- an organization fighting for the freedom of adults to view, or engage in consensual activities in private; and Wood Street Mission-a Charity for homeless women and children. Held at The Manchester Dungeon in the UK,  SATURDAY JANUARY 15th 9.00pm until late With a small entry fee of £15 per person the money will be raised with A SLAVE AUCTION held on the night selling off all unowned slaves to any Mistress that wants or can use them; and  A RAFFLE – with prizes donated by various BDSM related businesses. Raffle tickets are only £1 each and on sale now and the prizes include Advertising, Free Entry into several other Fetish events, Free Sessions with a variety of gorgeous women,  Free Equipment, Fetishwear, Memberships for websites, online training and many more miscellaneous prizes. For […]


Questions Answered

Posted On Friday, December 10th, 2010 By H0les_23

I just wanted to direct you to the new link at the top of this site,  Interviewing BDSM Porn Master, Magick, it is just that, an interview with Magick of Shadow Slaves and The Pain Files  where I ask questions about his career and behind the scenes of it all. You’ll find answers to questions like “What sets your work apart”, “How do you find your models?” , “Where do your ideas for your films come from”, “Are your movies scripted” and much more. PLUS I’ve asked him to share with us some of the movies he’s done that stuck out above the rest to him and included some wonderfully intense previews of the movies for you to watch. Go ahead and click the link above or the banner below for a very interesting behind the scene read from the source it’s self. Also,  I’ll go ahead and give you a heads up on what’s to come here, I have another interview in the works, next time on more specific subjects where you’ll not only get my opinions and ideas on a specific juicy topic, but you’ll hear from the other side of the fence on it as well. Words […]


Humiliation Blog Challenge

Posted On Sunday, November 28th, 2010 By H0les_23

I recently submitted one of my humiliation/torture ideas in to Hell’s Inferno Humiliation and was approved! Hooray for twisted minds!  I’ve often said “I’d hate to be a fly on the walls of my mind”, well here’s a little sneak peak for you if you so dare, but I warn you with the old saying “Don’t ask don’t tell” Gone Fishing-Extreme Torture Challenge There isn’t a soul out there that can honestly tell me they haven’t had twisted thoughts or dreams… I challenge you to put them into words! Write out a script/story including some of your own deep dark thoughts involving humiliation/degradation and submit them! I’d LOVE to read some more from other people’s imaginations! Submit A Humiliation Challenge And Be sure to check out the rest of  Hells Inferno Humiliation Blog, it’s very well done with lots of visuals and great text. PLUS, it’s loaded with links to related resources, sites, articles and directories; Reports, Info and guides into the filthy world of sick humiliation, Free listings of bizarre humiliation movies and pictures, Dirty video and site reviews  and all sorts! Click the link below to go there!(And have a twisted time!) Hell’s Inferno Humiliation