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Posted On Friday, September 10th, 2010 By H0les_23

I’ve always had a thing for public exposure.  Not so much for blatantly flashing people for attention personally, I think I’m too “chicken” for that, but just the idea of being naughty with the chance I can get caught in all sorts of situations just tickles the bad girl in me to want to play.

I just watched my first video on UK Flashers and “Yeah baby!” I loved it!.  I chose one of Filthy Shaz’s videos to begin with because not only is her name Filthy, but it was a return for her after being away for 4 years. I wonder how much flashing she did on her own in that time.  No wonder fans requested more! She’s great, the video was fun with lots of laughs and a few surprises that made my jaw drop.

Check out this clip from The Return Of Filthy Shaz:

Filthy Shaz

She didn’t even take the foil off the bottle! She cracks me up with how open and fun she was throughout this movie. She was less cautious about people seeing her then the photographer was, you can hear him telling her to cover up and she laughs keeping herself exposed and masturbating when a cyclist went by, and taunting and laughing while she flashed passers by. When she had to pee she just found a few nice places to let it rip! HAHA!

I was REALLY impressed when she made it to the bridge and walked across it completely naked with her jacket over her shoulder.  You could see the cars passing by and slamming on their breaks! Lucky there wasn’t an accident! She just smiled and waved, strutting along amongst the crowd.

You definitely need to check out The Return Of Filthy Shaz.

You’ll find it in the Flasher’s Cinema in Movie Archive 9 @ UK

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    I wish I found before ! Your site is very informative, thanks.


  2. Cutti says:

    OOH nice and Filthy!