Humiliation Blog Challenge

Posted On Sunday, November 28th, 2010 By H0les_23

I recently submitted one of my humiliation/torture ideas in to Hell’s Inferno Humiliation and was approved! Hooray for twisted minds!  I’ve often said “I’d hate to be a fly on the walls of my mind”, well here’s a little sneak peak for you if you so dare, but I warn you with the old saying “Don’t ask don’t tell” Gone Fishing-Extreme Torture Challenge There isn’t a soul out there that can honestly tell me they haven’t had twisted thoughts or dreams… I challenge you to put them into words! Write out a script/story including some of your own deep dark thoughts involving humiliation/degradation and submit them! I’d LOVE to read some more from other people’s imaginations! Submit A Humiliation Challenge And Be sure to check out the rest of  Hells Inferno Humiliation Blog, it’s very well done with lots of visuals and great text. PLUS, it’s loaded with links to related resources, sites, articles and directories; Reports, Info and guides into the filthy world of sick humiliation, Free listings of bizarre humiliation movies and pictures, Dirty video and site reviews  and all sorts! Click the link below to go there!(And have a twisted time!) Hell’s Inferno Humiliation