Bbw amateurs tool tortured

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Amateur Bdsm Video of Sophie

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Sophies extreme amateur bdsm and tit torture by her lesbian mistress with needle pain and foot fetish punishments. Lezdom Sophies Extreme Amateur BDSM of mature blonde european slavegirl in hotwaxing torments and play pierced nipple torments. amateur bdsm video of sophie Mature slavegirl Sophie from Belgium submits to her merciless mistress for a session of intense needle torments in her nipples and feet punished hot waxing agony. Genuine amateurs in extreme lesbian bdsm and needle pain with mature european slavegirl Sophie in torments.


Tormented in “The Chair”

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I’m siting here incredibly turned on by what I just watched! And trust me, that doesn’t happen often, but this movie from ShadowSlaves just has too many of my kinks and curiosities all wrapped up in it. Wait, what am I saying, there can never be too much can there!? With suction cups covering her little titties and hungry cunt, English Slaveslut Wynter soon realizes she needs to be thankful for the air she breathes when her Master deprives her of the luxury, forcing her to gasp for each breath she is allowed while he torments the many mounds of flesh caught in the tight pressure he’s created on her most vulnerable parts. He painfully slides and pulls on the suction-cups, still controlling her breath while sadistically removing all but one. That one he places to suck hard on to her most sensitive clit. He pries her mouth open with a dental gag to torment her tongue with clamps and goes to work penetrating her breasts and pussy with several needles, binding her tits to her mouth by the piercings while she whimpers and trembles with the vibrating pleasures stuffed up her cunt. I gotta say she’s quite a trooper! […]


Cold Lesbian Machine Fuck

Posted On Thursday, May 26th, 2011 By H0les_23

If you doubt the authenticity of The Pain File’s then you obviously haven’t seen enough! I love that when working with their content I see scene after scene of REAL BD/SM with REAL girls, not just a collection of fake airbrushed bimbos pretending to be into domination and submission with fluffy props for a paycheck. No offense, please, we can all appreciate a nice set of fake tits, but this stuff is the real deal….doctored up knockers or not.  We aren’t dealing with a makeup crew and actresses smacking on gum in their dress up room while rehearsing their dumb lines.  THANK YOU to The Pain Files for not being fake! Now that I got that off my chest (ahem, excuse me LOL) Lets have a bit of Lesbian action shall we? Awe, look at the cute little idiot with clothespins on her face! Josephine is eager to torment this cute blonde slave girl at her disposal. She strips her naked while flogging her before treating her the the assortment of clothespins she has for this anguished slavesluts tits and mouth. The real fun begins after her tender nipples are painfully clamped and pulled on though. Josephine gets the rope […]


Fun In The Sun

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I think it’s safe to say that everyone is ready for summer! Just a light treat here to help with the anticipation of  the hot sun, cool sand and beaches! Fun in the sun is always a treat at Shadowslaves. Slavegirls Nimue and Pixie enjoy a naked romp in the surf before the tide turns on Pixie who finds herself bound on her stomach as the waves come in threatening to carry her away but burying her deeper into the sand with every gush. Here’s to fun in the sun!


Sexy Asian Bondage

Posted On Friday, September 17th, 2010 By H0les_23

A Bit of light fun here with some sexy Bondage! I figured I’d share a few pictures with you that I found while browsing through photo galleries on The Painfiles. I’m really digging Tigerr Benson.  Not only has she got the perfect tits, but she apparently likes them bound! So far looking rather comfortable and AHA! There goes the hands. This is when I start getting squirmy. When control is taken away with ropes binging limbs my fear begins. And as much as I’d like to think in my head, I could wiggle out if I needed to, I see evidence that that Magick is a bit smarter then that!  He’s not just bound the wrists, but the arms in such a way that total control is his.  But I still have my legs! They are more powerful then my hands… Not for long!! And now that all control is directed to the Master, he get’s to have fun… the real scary part of bondage for me! Because stuff like this ends up happening: PAIN! But “Oh the intrigue” And what else could you expect from The Pain Files!!? There’s loads more pictures and videos of extreme BDSM, real slave […]


Sexy PublicBDSM Site!

Posted On Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 By H0les_23

You have GOT to check out Public BDSM if you haven’t already! It’s a new site dedicated to Exhibitionist BDSM and Kinky Bondage in Public!! – Free Public BDSM Videos and Photos – Kinky Exhibitionish Fetish Ressources – Articles on Public BDSM and Bondage – Features on Severe Public Punishments – Links and Guides to Public Fetish/BDSM What a great resource, especially to someone who is relatively new to all this like I am.  And need I mention my kink for getting frisky in public again?  This mixes my public fantasies with my bd/sm fantasies.  “Hubba Hubba”  The videos and photos are great, and FREE! All with wonderful descriptions.  There are plenty of links to galleries for you to browse and I really enjoyed the Articles.  There are links to sites where you can check out more Public BDSM and scenes and they even welcome you to contact them with submissions of your own! Click the banner bellow and enjoy!